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Eczema Care Package

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Ready to improve your eczema? 
Our care package includes extremely effective natural ingredients that fight to reduce itching and promote quick healing of the skin. 
Calendula is a main ingredient in many of our eczema fighting products. It's antibacterial, exceptionally hydrating, and is known to heal scars, scabs, and crackly skin.
Lithospermum is a vibrant purple flower with skin-soothing and skin-protecting properties to treat your pesky eczema.
Chamomile petals are used in our products for their intensely soothing and anti-allergic nutrients that work to heal your skin.
We also include an ointment specially made for patches of eczema made with soothing jasmine flower and deeply nourishing olive oil. 
The natural ingredients in our products have skin soothing, sterilizing, and repairing functions!
Enhance skin protection and sooth your sensitive skin's problems with the most natural formulas.
This package contains:
★ Lithospermum soap / Calendula repair soap (120g ± 5) $ 96 value
★ Bubble net $ 15 value
★ Calendula Repair Moisturizing Water (120ml) $ 88 value
★ Chamomile Anti-Allergic Cream (50ml) $ 88 value
★ Jasmine Olive Eczema Ointment 【a refreshing, moisturizing formula】 (100ml) $ 188 value


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