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Instant 3D Firming Mask

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This mask is made with innovative three-dimensional cuts on the fabric. This helps the skin effectively absorb the nutrients in our mask. We've added purple algae extract combined with green algae hyaluronic acid essence to plump the skin with deep moisture, help slow down the aging process, firm the skin, and help the skin naturally develop more collagen. 
You'll feel the effects of this mask instantly- look at yourself in the mirror afterwards and notice the minimized fine lines and restored skin elasticity and luster.
How to use this mask:
Apply this mask to dry or mature skin. Remove once dry and immediately experience a high degree of moisture, improved skin firmness, and delayed skin aging.
Centella asiatica extract, violet algae extract, green algae hyaluronic acid, Ecocert enzyme oligosaccharide hyaluronic acid, glycyrrhizic acid
A box of five masks included, 28ml / tablets


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